Trainee Team Member

All team members, regardless of background and experience, are first required to undergo a period of training. As potential team members arrive with varying amounts of transferable skills and ability to acquire core skills there is no fixed time frame to become fully operational. This is an opportunity for you to learn the skills required to become an operational team member and also for the team to monitor your progress along the way.

West Cumbria Search and Rescue Team are a professional organisation supporting the Police.  Therefore any team member or trainee must show dedication and professionalism at all times.  All team members and trainees are expected to regularly attend team training sessions in order that necessary skills are kept current in the event that they need to be called upon at a moments notice.

Team Supporter

With our Operational team members spending hundreds of hours in a typical year training and attending callouts at all hours and in all conditions. We rely heavily on our Support team to keep the operational team functioning.

Without our incredible Support team, there would not be a West Cumbria Search and Rescue Team and we are always looking for new members to assist. Roles are varied and range from trustees on the Executive Committee, managing social media, marketing and PR and all the way through to attending local schools and youth groups, to give talks and demonstrations on what West Cumbria Search and Rescue Team do and to raise the team profile in our area of operation.

As we are a charity and only survive on the generosity of the public and donations, our Support team’s most important function is that of fundraising. Our Supporters are found throughout the year at events far and wide across Cumbria, standing outside supermarkets with collection tins, attending carnivals or manning a stand at a local country fair or fete.

Our support team are all part of the local communities that we serve, and we are always looking for new members to join and help us.