Team Roles

Upon joining West Cumbria Search & Rescue every volunteer starts as a non-operational member. As a Trainee Search Technician or as a Support Member and are encouraged to attend training sessions where new skills can be learnt before deciding and progressing to become an operational team member.

Support Member

The role of a supporter is just as important, helping behind the scenes by representing the team at community events, organising and assisting with fundraising and acting as missing persons for training purposes.

Without our support members, our operational teams would not function efficiently.

Search Technician

The Search Technician is the primary qualification every operational member of West Cumbria Search & Rescue must hold before participating in a live search.

Team Leader

  • The Team leader will be an Experienced Search Technician being proficient in all search and rescue techniques including, radio procedure, navigation, first aid, person recovery, and scenes of crime preservation.

    The Team Leader has the responsibility of the welfare of the team, ensuring all members are well and fit, adequately equipped and briefed on the search task given by the Search Manager.

Search Planner

The Search Planner is an experienced Search technician and Team Leader, who will have overall responsibility for managing and implementing the physical search.

The Search Planner’s role is to assist the Search Manager in developing a search plan and revising the plan as the search continues. Having liaised with the Police Search Advisor (Polsar) and obtained the relevant information about the Missing Person, the search teams will be directed to a suitable RV point and briefed on the description of the Missing Person.

The Search Planner looks at all the possible scenarios from the information given as to where the Missing Person may have gone. As more information is received the Search Planner will inform the relevant search teams of any new developments, manage and monitor responses, stand down or suspend the search.

Search Controller

The Search Controller works with the Search Manager to coordinate operational search efforts. A Search Controller is responsible for the set-up and management of the Control Point and communications system.

  • Signing in and out of Team
    Members and maintain an accurate deployment register.
  • Issue and sign out two-way radios to the relevant search teams.
  • Confirm radio transmission checks have been completed by all members issued with radios, before the commencement of searches.
  • Liaise with the Community
    Response Support Logistics Leader for transportation of team members and necessary equipment to and from search areas.
  • Record times of all radio communications.
  • Communicate search updates received from the Search PlannerWhen search teams return from each completed search the Search Controller will de-brief the team in conjunction with the Search Planner, stand down or redeploy the team to another search locationShould the Missing Person be located, the Search Controller will assist in the coordination of the rescue in conjunction with the Search Manager and the Emergency Services.This will enable the casualty to be moved to a place of safety where they can receive appropriate care and attention.This usually involves passing the Missing Person to the Ambulance Service or the Police, together with the submission of the appropriate paperwork as soon as practicable.